How to Get To Fourteen Falls

Fourteen Falls waterfall is located near Thika town. It’s a spectacular 27-meter deep waterfall that gets its name from the 14 distinct waterfalls that can be found on Athi River. There is a lot to see and do on this scenic site. These include boating, fishing, photography, and bird watching are among other activities.

It lies about 70 kilometres in the north eastern end of the Nairobi. Its is located off Thika-Garissa Road at Kilimambogo town from where you’ll use a rough road of about 3kilometres to the falls. To get there using public transport you’ll first take a bus to Thika town or Makongeni. From here you will take a matatu that will get you to 14 falls.

The charges to get in are as follows. Kenya Citizens Adult: Ksh 100 Children: Ksh 50. Residents: Adults US 5$. Non Residents: Adults US 15$, Children US 10$.

You can then take a guide to the boat where you ride across the river getting a great view of the waterfalls. You can also opt to view from the banks if not comfortable with the boat ride.

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