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Earn Passive Income Using Peer2Profit

Peer2Profit is a unique system where you make money sharing your Internet. You get paid for your bandwidth. Most internet users take advantage of a small portion of the available capacity of their internet connection. Peer2Profit allows you to make money off the remaining capacity by providing it to advertisers, marketing agencies and analytics companies.

Advertisers pay Peer2Profit for using the network, and they pay their users.

Companies use IP addresses and bandwidth to get information from the Internet. To collect the precise data they need many IP addresses. This method lets them understand how different users see the same page on the website. These companies include major banks, manufacturers, social networking sites, Internet agencies, and marketing and analytics companies.

There are a couple of main goals why companies use IP addresses:

  • Check if the competitors’ products and content are original;
  • To check advertisements placed by scammer marketers;
  • Evaluate the search engines’ results for certain queries;
  • Maintain a few social media communities or accounts;
  • To collect prices from competitors’ websites.

Peeer2Profit is safe since it grants access only to those companies that are verified, identified and accepted the agreements. Their numerous analytics systems can guarantee that the power of your router is used legally. They detect and block any violation in real-time at the monitoring stage, so suspicious persons cannot connect to your IP address or device as you make money sharing your Internet. 

There are a couple of ways you can make more money sharing your Internet with Peer2Profit.

  1. Make sure the app is running for as long as possible. Do not let your device turn off the application in sleep mode or power saving mode.
  2. Connect to a provider that offers high-speed internet.
  3. Install the app on multiple devices connected to different IP addresses. To increase your earnings, you should tie each device to a unique IP address.
  4. Advertise the project and join referrals to the network. You will get paid better for your bandwidth.

Your earnings will depend on the location and the amount of data. If the network requires internet traffic from your country or city, then you will earn more. However, please take into account that the amount of Internet traffic keeps changing. Moreover, your ISP or city might not be popular in our network.

Still, you can use the following recommendations that will help you monetize your bandwidth.

  1. Make sure that the application is running and the Internet is switched on your device.
  2. For Android devices, turn off battery/memory optimizations. Otherwise, the app will shut down.
  3. Try not to use VPN. Otherwise, your income may decrease or stop altogether.

How to start using Peer2Profit

  1. Sign up here.
  2. Enter your personal account, select “download/install” and download the app for your device.
  3. Sign into the app, entering the email you used to sign up on the website.
  4. Make sure that the app is running and the Internet on your device is switched on.

Additional recommendations for Android devices

  1. Disable battery optimization.
  2. Disable memory optimization for Peer2Profit app, otherwise, it will switch off and you won’t be able to make money sharing your Internet.

The minimum payout amount depends on the payment system. As a rule, you need from $2 to $14 to be able to withdraw them. The exact amount is specified in your personal account.

The minimum withdrawal for QIWI and Yandex Wallets is from $ 2, for crypto currency wallets (e.g. Binance, Trust Wallet, Electrum) – from $7, for bank cards – from $ 14. If you use Payeer, do not try to withdraw an amount less than $ 35. Otherwise, you will lose all the earnings.

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